Heating Elements and Terminal Pins

A typical heating element generally consists of either a coil, a ribbon (straight or corrugated), or a strip of wire that gives off heat, similar to that of a lamp filament. When an electrical current flows through it, the element glows red-hot and converts the electrical energy into heat, which radiates in all directions.

Heating elements are also generally are made up of a bent  element tube which is filled with MgO, terminal pins for the electrical connection to a device, metal collar, electrical wiring, etc.

The machinery that we  use to produce terminal pins on is an exclusive Oakley machine design. Our process is superior to any other manufacturer as we use a cold roll forming process. Because nickel-ply wire used in the manufacture of pins is supplied with nickel plating as the final manufacturing process, it can be removed if when pins are produced using a cutting, or turning process. Our method of manufacturing allows the nickel to remain on the formed ends of the pin. This is most important, especially in the area where the coil is welded to the pin. Having the nickel remain on the pin will help in the welding process. Another important reason for the nickel to remain intact is that without having the nickel coating in these areas, oxidation could occur resulting in element failure. This along with holding very close tolerances is why our cold-forming process makes us different from other manufacturers.

Oakley Industrial Machinery Inc. continues to be a worldwide leading expert in the heating element & cartridge heating industry with more than 75 years of knowledge and experience in the field. We continue to be at the forefront of innovation, designing and manufacturing of heating element production machinery & terminal pins.

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