Helix Coil Winding Service

Oakley Industrial Machinery Inc. has been providing to it's worldwide customers for over twelve years our Oakley Helix Coil Winding Services which are done directly in our in-house facility. This is in addition,to our newest generation of Oakley helix coil winding machines which are used in our customer’s production facilities to wind their many different types of coils for heating elements on a daily basis. The coil is an important component part of the element which is at the core of the element. It is most critical for coils to be wound with spacing between the turns that is equal and consistent throughout the entire length of the coil. Without this consistency, hot and cold areas throughout the length of the element will occur and be apparent when the element is energized. At Oakley, extreme care is taken to ensure that this consistency is achieved on a continuous basis. Our Helix Coil Winding Service produces both coils wound to long lengths, as well as coils wound to a specific ohm value. Some customers order long lengths as they prefer to have these long lengths in stock, whereby they are then able to cut them into whatever ohm value is required. While this method does produce some waste, it eliminates any delay in the production of an element as the customer will have coiled stock at all times. We also wind coils to precise ohm values. In these cases, the coils are ready to be assembled to the pins and passed through our production process.Another very important factor in our production of coils is to have cut ends that do not have a turn of the wire obstructing the inner diameter of the coil. This blockage will cause the assemblers that are manually putting the pin and coil together to stop and take the time to clip the obstruction. If automated assembly and welding equipment is used, the situation becomes even worse, as this obstruction will cause the automated machine to stop as the assembly process of the pin to the coil will not be able to be completed.The final very critical aspect of a coil is cleanliness. Dirty coils can cause Hypot failures. We take a great deal of care in knowing the coils that we ship are of the utmost in cleanliness. Oakley produces coils that are being cleaned as they go through the production process due to the lubricant used in winding. After coils are produced they go through the final processes of cleaning, inspection and secured packaging for safe shipment to our customers.

Capabilities: We currently wind coils within the following specifications; although we welcome the opportunity to quote and wind coils not within these parameters;


Oakley Helix Coil Winding Service

Machine Specifications


“A”, “C” and Copel

Max Length:

288” (7315.2mm)

Minimum: ID:

.030 (.0762mm)

Maximum ID:

.533 (13.54mm).


17 –37

Winding Types:

Single, Double, Triple, Intermittent and Continuous Space Wound