Vision and Mission

  • To provide top-quality heating element manufacturing machinery and terminal pins.
  • To evaluate each customer's unique needs.
  • To satisfy each customer's situation to the best of our abilities.
  • To always remember the customer is what keeps us in business.
  • To set and meet realistic deadlines.
  • To provide an experience to each customer, not just a sale.
  • To make the customers remember who we are through our outstanding work.
  • To foster a welcoming and respectful environment at Oakley Industrial Machinery.
  • To always keep the doors open for anyone inside or outside the company to share opinions and ideas for improvement.
  • To reward exemplary work.


To reignite the global economy through quality work, fairness, philanthropy, and an emphasis on people's financial independence, not corporate profit


  • Provide a workplace environment based on mutual respect for each employee.
  • Provide customers with a meaningful experience.
  • Encourage diligence, integrity, accountability and innovation.
  • Contribute positively to the global environment.