Oakley Industrial Machinery is a worldwide leader & innovator in the manufacture of heating element production machinery. Our extensive machinery production line offers our customers a start to finish approach in providing to them the equipment they need for the actual production of heating elements for the many types of domestic, commercial, and industrial applications, which are used in a number of vertical markets including medical, oil & gas, agricultural, transportation, military, refrigeration, power generation, just to name a few.

As we look to the future, we will continue our expansion into building even more diverse machinery & automated systems to help both our potential/current customers become even more efficient & cost-effective in producing their products in a daily basis.

Our machinery has also come to enjoy an extremely high-quality reputation thanks to our consistent focus on both market & customer specific requirements-regionally, nationally and internationally. We have set the standard for our customers in producing exceptional high quality

machinery that our customers who  have come to depend on us for over 75+ years, and which they will continue to well into the future.

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