Oakley Terminal Pins

Using exclusively Oakley-designed machinery and a cold roll forming process, the production our terminal pins is superior to that of any other manufacturer. We understand that because nickel-ply wire used in the manufacture of pins is supplied with nickel plating at the end of the manufacturing process, it can be removed when pins are produced using a cutting, or turning process. Our method of manufacturing preserves the nickel on the formed ends of the pin. This is vital, especially in the area where the coil is welded to the pin. The nickel on the pin will help in the welding process, as well as prevent oxidation, which can result in element failure. This, along with holding very close tolerances, is why our cold-forming process makes us different from other manufacturers.

Below are the eight wire diameters that we currently use to manufacture our terminal pins. We make these pins in lengths from 50mm to 230mm (2" to 9").

.062"    1.57mm

.075"     1.90mm

.091"     2.31mm

.105"     2.67mm
.125"     3.18mm

.109"     2.77mm
.114"     2.90mm
.141"    3.58mm


We always welcome customers with unique terminal pin requirements and will work with you to achieve your specific needs.

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