Company History

Over 75 years ago, Sterling A. Oakley transformed the heating element production process and created the Oakley Company in the late 1940's. The revolutionary nature of his equipment made Oakley the industry's leader manufacturer in element-making production machinery. Oakley equipment has since been sold, and is currently being used in every corner of the world.

Throughout the years, the Oakley Company was comprised of separate divisions: Machinery, Tubing, and Terminal Pins. Tubing was been produced both in both Colorado and Illinois, while Machinery and Terminal Pins had been located exclusively in Illinois. In 2010, the Oakley family expressed a desire to consolidate tube production to the Colorado location.  And in August of 2010, the Niles location shut down and the building sold. At that time, the Machinery and Pin Divisions of the company were purchased by Carl T. Kamys, a almost 35-year employee, and then manager of it’s Illinois plant. Both machinery and terminal pins are now being produced in Elk Grove Village, Illinois under it’s new company name Oakley Industrial Machinery Inc.

Oakley Industrial Machinery & Terminal Pin sales have increased at a sharp rate. Today Oakley's sales personnel travel the world helping customers meet production requirements and provide innovative solutions to the many markets that we serve such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial
  • Power Generation
  • Transportation
  • Medical