Company Staff

Carl Kamys
Chief Operating Officer

Carl T. Kamys, is currently Chief Operating Officer of Oakley Industrial Machinery Inc. In this role, Carl leads the company by providing guidance and making decisions related to all aspects of the operations of the Company. Carl has spent 41 years in manufacturing, having worked in various sectors of the company. He has worked as a Machinist, Electrician, Supervisor, Sales and Customer Service, as a Chief Operating Officer, General Manager, President/CEO and Owner of the Company. Having taken on all of these roles throughout the years has allowed him to understand customer and employee relations, obtain product knowledge and have the ability necessary to successfully manage, own and operate a company. As a believer in philanthropy he supports many charitable organizations, and believes in giving back to his community. In his leisure time, Carl enjoys family life, working on and driving classic muscle cars, sports, music and fitness.

Mark Karr
Sales Manager

Mark Karr is currently Sales Manager of Oakley Industrial Machinery Inc. In this role, Mark leads the company by providing direct sales support to our customers worldwide, including sales strategy, machinery quotes and customer service requests. Mark has spent 10+ years in manufacturing, as a stocking person, assistant foreman, salesman, and other various sales management roles working with many different types of customers on a daily basis. As a believer in philanthropy he has worked with several nonprofit organizations working with both young children & adults helping them to improve their lives today and for their future. In his leisure time, Mark enjoys family life, running, music, and outdoor activities.

Celina Graziano
Administrative & Logistics Associate

Celina Graziano is currently Administrative & Logistics Associate at Oakley Industrial Machinery Inc. In her role, Celina leads the company by providing with the administrative responsibilities and handles all the logistics arrangements for the company. Celina has spent her time before entering the manufacturing field sharpening her skills doing billing, which gave her insight into working with customer, and has since mastered handling many different administrative and logistics functions for our many national & international clients. In her leisure time, Celina enjoys time with her family & friends.

Chris Gulik

Chris Gulik is currently our Engineer at Oakley Industrial Machinery Inc. In his role, Chris leads the company by providing all aspects of Engineering including new machine design, implementing new technology to a mature machine product line and tech support. While finishing his engineering Degree, Chris worked at Vogel Tool & Die and Joslyn manufacturing before coming to Oakley. Chris has an Associate of Science Degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Chris brought his knowledge and experience to implement CAD and other technologies to improve the performance of the day to day operations of the company. Chris has over 30 years with Oakley, and has traveled extensively both nationally and internationally to customer’s plants to install, troubleshoot, train customers on the equipment and supported the sales team at machine exhibitions. Chris actively supports Boy Scouts and participates in various religious organizations. He is currently Grand Knight for Knights of Columbus Council #654. In his leisure time, Chris enjoys his family, reading and watching sports.

Adrian Popescu
Customer Service/IT

Adrian Popescu is currently our Customer Service/IT at Oakley Industrial Machinery Inc. In this role, Adrian leads the company by providing all aspects of our customer’s needs including requests for quotes, purchase orders and follows up on their requests. Adrian has spent 12 years in manufacturing, as an electronic technician, field technician, as well as working in his current role as our dedicated customer service person bringing customer service to a new level. In his leisure time, Adrian enjoys family life, walking, playing soccer, and listening to classical music.

Joseph Annis
Corporate Controller

Joseph Annis is currently the Corporate Controller for Oakley Industrial Machinery, Inc. In this role, Joe leads the company providing responsible all aspects of financial management, inventory and reporting functions. Joseph graduated with a B.A. of Sciences in Accountancy from DePaul University in Chicago. His professional designations include Certified Public Accountant and Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor. Joseph has spent 40+ years in manufacturing as corporate controller with various organizations assisting them with different accounting functions. In his leisure time, Joseph enjoys biking, kayaking, bowling and target shooting with his family.