About Us

A Letter from Our Chief Operating Officer:

For more than seventy-five years, Oakley Industrial Machinery Inc. has provided quality machinery, logical solutions, innovative ideas and experienced technical support to our customers in the tubular electric heating element industry. As the industry evolves, we thrive on providing solutions to the new challenges we encounter.

We realize that our business only exists through the loyalty of our customers and promise to transform each interaction with our customer into a meaningful experience. We pride ourselves on providing every customer with a prompt response. Whether we are answering technical questions, processing rush orders, or providing general information, Oakley Industrial Machinery, Inc. will exceed your expectations.

We strive to embrace the future of this industry and move forward by designing and building several new types of automated machines, while continuing to better our basic machines.  We provide our customers the option of choosing the most practical pieces of equipment based on their production requirements and budget.

We would like to thank our existing customers for their continued support and invite potential customers to be part of the OIM experience.

-Carl T. Kamys
Chief Operating Officer

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